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All of our luxury candles and designer home fragrance scent diffusers are all made in the enchanting “Land Down Under” (Australia) to guarantee the utmost quality you can faithfully depend upon. Australian craftsmanship is renowned for its sophistication, individuality and creativity, thus bringing a sense of curated comfort into your home or office. Each selection of ours is professionally blended and designed to powerfully render a scent that creates the perfect ambiance for your residential or professional setting. Some scents are seasonal, while others are formulated to fill your living or working quarters with adaptable aromas that delight and entice all year round.

We use only the finest fragrant oils and natural ingredients when crafting our candles and diffusers, therefore ensuring a healthy breathing environment as well as a noticeably scented atmosphere. To top things off, the gorgeous glass bottles and packaging that are used to contain our premium candle and oil blends are 100% recyclable. Once you’ve have burned through the candle wax or the diffuser fragrance oil has depleted, simply reuse the decorative glass container to hold your jewelry, baubles, trinkets or treasures.

Whether looking to cozy up your home with inviting fragrance or searching for a truly unique hostess gift, you will find just what you and your senses desire here at Lavender and Rose. Our home fragrance collections are carefully composed to set the mood for all occasions, including holidays, anniversaries, birthdays, weddings and more.

Shop our Australian made candles and diffusers to discover your new favorites.


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