Our top Selling Lavender based Candle Fragrance to add moments of Serenity and Calm in your life

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Who wouldn't want a few extra moments of Serenity and Calm every Day?  With work, family, friends,obligations and household chores, there's less and less time to just unwind and relax. 

It's important to slow down every once in a while, take a few deep breaths, exhale and let your body and mind relax. 

Lavender has been shown to calm the nerves, ease anxiety, aid in sleep, and aid in overall relaxation.  

Our lavender based candle fragrance is created to enhance your moments of relaxation.  Light a candle and be bathed in the natural warm flickering light.  Then take a deep breath and enjoy the soothing fragrances that melt your stress away.  Are you strolling in a summer garden with flowers blooming all around you?  Are you on a verdant hilltop overlooking the ocean and fields of wild flowers?  Or an exotic beach getting a luxury spa treatment?   Let the fragrances transport you away to your favorite memories

We hope you have the chance to experience our Signature Fragrance: 
Lavender & Pink Peony


The ambrosial qualities of lavender link up with the sweetness of our signature Pink Peony fragrance to create a scent that aromatically defines femininity. Lavender slowly melts away stress and promotes a deep state of relaxation, while floral undertones emit a calming ambiance inspired by the lushness of
English gardens candles for the best moments.

Top Notes: Lemon and Bergamot
Middle Notes: African Violet, Jasmine, Lavender
Base Notes: Rosemary, Rose, Green
Packaging: Beautifully packaged in a brown gift box. Candle jar is a glossy white pleated pillow jar with lid.  
Candle Size: 250ml






Lavender & Rose Luxury Home Fragrances are proudly made in Australia. Our soy wax scented candles are infused with high quality natural fragrances and come in a decorative re usable candle jar. The candles and diffuser oil sets are elegantly packaged making the the perfect gift for many occasions.

Please visit our website to view our full collection of home fragrances.
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