Our Top Decadent Dessert Inspired Home Fragrances Guaranteed to Lift your Mood!

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Who can resist smiling and having happy thoughts when presented with decadent delectable desserts.  Treat yourself to those feelings without the calories by decorating your home with scented candles inspired by your favorite desserts. 

Imagine taking a break from your hectic life by lighting a candle in a cozy corner of your home.  Inhale, relax, and let your worries melt away.  Be transported to the happy places and pleasant memories evoked by the fragrances we recommend: 

Vanilla Caramel

There are few scents that perfectly embody the cozy comfort so closely associated with fall and early winter months. Inspired by candied apples, sugary treats and other confectionery goodies commonly enjoyed during autumn, this seasonal scent will leave your mouth watering and begging for more. The thickness and lavishness of caramel is harmonized by the warmth of vanilla, therefore wrapping and consoling over-stressed senses. Since it is uniquely able to evoke feelings of relaxation and remembrance, our Vanilla Caramel home fragrance selection is a fine choice to enjoy during the autumnal change and into the holidays. It will remind you of Halloween festivals, harvest celebrations, grandma's homemade sucking candies and all of the other reasons why fall is your favorite season. The aroma is also favored by holiday hostesses and those who plan to entertain friends and family.

Coconut Lime

Escape to the enchanted land of Hawaii or to the famous beaches of Tahiti any given day by simply enjoying this home fragrance selection inspired by tropical landscapes from far away. When you imagine a white sand beach bordered by crystal blue waters near your favorite vacation spot, this zippy scent is the one that matches that vision. The tropically inspired scent starts off by relaxing and calming the senses with the comforting coolness of coconut, therefore making it a perfect pick for those needing to relax following a long day spent cooped up in an office. To offset the comforting warmth of the coconut base, this beachy fragrance also features zestful top notes of lemony lime. The tangy addition of citrus leaves your senses satisfied as it also gently energizes to inspire creativity and a healthy imagination.


Orange Vanilla

The energizing zest of juicy orange teams up with the comforting warmth of vanilla to produce a scent that caters to the senses. Uplifting and fresh, ripened orange banishes the blues to put you in a good mood. Vanilla comes in to leave behind a sweetened finish that lasts and lasts.



Sweet Honey Wash

Indulgently sweet and a perfect choice for pampering the senses, this luscious fragrance will quickly put your mind, body and soul in relaxation mode. The richness of honey has been softened with touches of powder to provide you with a calming scent experience that melts away stresses, cares and





Lavender & Rose Luxury Home Fragrances are proudly made in Australia. Our soy wax scented candles are infused with high quality natural fragrances and come in a decorative re usable candle jar. The candles and diffuser oil sets are elegantly packaged making the the perfect gift for many occasions.

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