Top Candle Fragrances to Melt Away Your Stress and Help Promote Relaxation!

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We know life can be hectic at times. The commute, the work, tending to family - it can all ad up and result in pent up stress and anxiety.  

Imagine coming home to a cozy space filled with uplifting fragrances designed to help you relax and unwind!  Fragrances have been scientifically shown be to one of the fastest ways to change a persons focus and mood. 

Come home and light a candle to fill your space with beautiful fragrances that can help melt your stress away and uplift your mood. 

Take a moment for yourself. Take a deep breath in, exhale,  and relax... 

We recommend these candle fragrances to help you relax and melt your stress away. 

Lavender & Pink Peony Scented Candle

This dainty and decadent fragrance fills your room with a wondrous scent that aromatically imitates the recognizable beauty of a larger than life floral bouquet given on a birthday, anniversary or Valentine's day. Perfect to enjoy when in the mood for passionate romance or when needing a boost of sexy confidence, our Lavender & Peony selection is adored by lovely ladies both young and old. Delicate and soft, lavender serves as the ideal base for this flowery blend. It soothes the soul, promotes tranquility and revitalizes the spirit. On the other hand, the pink peony that has been mixed in kicks things up a notch. It's ultra feminine and ethereally exquisite. When combined, lavender and pink peony produce a home fragrance that will have your guests searching high and low for the freshly picked blooms they swear they smell.


Vanilla Caramel Scented Candle

There are few scents that perfectly embody the cozy comfort so closely associated with fall and early winter months. Inspired by candied apples, sugary treats and other confectionery goodies commonly enjoyed during autumn, this seasonal scent will leave your mouth watering and begging for more. The thickness and lavishness of caramel is harmonized by the warmth of vanilla, therefore wrapping and consoling over-stressed senses. Since it is uniquely able to evoke feelings of relaxation and remembrance, our Vanilla Caramel home fragrance selection is a fine choice to enjoy during the autumnal change and into the holidays. It will remind you of Halloween festivals, harvest celebrations, grandma's homemade sucking candies and all of the other reasons why fall is your favorite season. The aroma is also favored by holiday hostesses and those who plan to entertain friends and family.

Lime Basil & Mandarin Scented Candle

A zesty explosion of fresh lime basil and ripe mandarin fruit, this scent aromatically awakens and energizes the senses. It's uplifting. It's refreshing. It's revitalizing. A unisex fragrance for everyone.

Peony & Lilac Scented Candle

The verdant refinement of plucked peony petals teams up with the lusciousness of fresh lilac flowers to offer a floral fragrance inspired by blooming gardens.

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