Lychee & Rose Candle

Lychee & Rose Candle

  • $39.95

The lychee is a Chinese fruit resembling a large strawberry in appearance and bursting with layers of complex flavors . . . and scents.

This perfect summer-y fruit is a favorite ingredient in many mixed drinks and its fresh, tart and spicy-sweet taste has endeared it to many different cultures!

With the bright notes of tart fruit and an almost floral sweetness, this candle’s fresh scent is sure to cheer up any room! Yet this candle’s full-bodied scent doesn’t end there! It’s also infused with a delicate rose scent, along with a warm honied scent and an underlying, deep and floral musk.

Candle Size: 270g
Top: Green, Berry, Lychee
Middle: Lychee, Rose, Honey
Base: Rose, Wood, Musk

Packaging: Stylish White Pleated Pillow Candle Jar & Lid.  Packaged in an elegant Gift Box 

Be sure to read our candle care safety before use.