Lavender & Pink Peony Diffuser (Signature)

Lavender & Pink Peony Diffuser (Signature)

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Our classy signature diffuser brings the soft fragrance of lavender and pink peony in the convenience of a beautiful diffuser. 

With the brightness of lemon peel and bergamot married to the gentle, sweet floral notes of violet and jasmine and the rich verdant sparkle of rosemary and heliotrope, this complex diffuser scent will add a layered intrigue to any room’s atmosphere.

You’ll be amazed at the soft and smooth power of this diffuser – you’ll think you have vase upon vase of these beautiful flowers in your home!


Size: 200ML

Top: Lemon and Bergamot

Middle: African Violet, Jasmine, Lavender

Base: Rosemary, Rose, Green

Packaging: Clear Bottle with Gold/Silver Lid in Luxury White Gift / Presentation Box

Be sure to read our diffuser care safety before use.

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