Vanilla Caramel Diffuser

Vanilla Caramel Diffuser

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During those cold winter months, there’s nothing quite like snuggling up indoors, enjoying a hot mug of your favorite sugary drink, and enjoying the warmth of blankets, sweaters, and a comforting fire flickering in your fireplace.

This Vanilla Caramel diffuser is the perfect accompaniment to that fuzzy, warm feeling that in Norway is called koselig. With a buttery, rich scent so yummy you can almost taste it, this diffuser provides a warm and unique smell with notes of creamy balsamic, salted caramel, sweet coconut, and velvety vanilla. The whole scent is wrapped in a subtly-rich and musky scent of Tonka bean.


Size: 200ML

Top: Buttery Vanilla

Middle : Caramel, Coconut

Base: Vanilla, Tonka

Package: Clear Bottle with Gold/Silver Lid in Luxury White Box.


Be sure to read our diffuser care safety before use.

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