Christmas Night - Cinnamon Vanilla Pudding Diffuser

  • $45.95

This candle certainly seizes the aroma of your mother’s homemade pudding. You can easily smell the caramelized cinnamon and vanilla blend. The pudding sheens with a sweet glaze as if it’s always fresh made batch. This Cinnamon Vanilla Pudding Candle is an ideal cue of family and sumptuous homemade treats!

Made to mimic the beloved cinnamon vanilla pudding dessert, every candle comes will quickly fill any room with vanilla and cinnamon fragrance. Scoop up a serving of your mom’s old fashioned cinnamon vanilla pudding at Lavender and Rose.

Grab your own highly scented, clean, and burning Cinnamon Pudding candle. This is a mom’s special recipe and a childhood favorite. Delight in the sweet treat of nutty cinnamon.

Candle Size: 200ml
Top: Sparkling Sugar, Ginger
Middle: Cinnamon, Clove
Base: Allspice, Clove, Vanilla

Packaging: Black Bottle with Gold Lid in Luxury Black Gift Box.


Be sure to read our candle care safety before use.