Red Current & Pomelo

Red Current & Pomelo

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While outside winter seems barren, there is an abundance of flowers and fruit that are winter favorites! Winter darlings such as the humble orange in your Christmas stocking, the gorgeous red flowers, and the rich berries that grace the table as the wind blows outside! Winter meals and winter holiday celebrations are filled with red currant wine and grocery stores stock up with the yellowy, bright winter pomelo fruit.

This fruity candle is bursting with citrus, floral notes and a warm base of musk, giving the whole candle a richer, royal winter scent!

Top Note: Current, Grapefruit
Middle Note: Citrus Blossom
Base Note: Lychee, Musk

Packaging: Stylish White Pleated Pillow Candle Jar & Lid.  Packaged in an elegant Gift Box
Be sure to read our candle care safety before use.