Lemongrass Candle

Lemongrass Candle

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A gentle floral and tart smell greets you when you light this candle. The evening richness of bergamot, and citrus is paired with the earthy fragrance of sweet-sour lemongrass and rich sage.

The slightly honied and herbal scent of this candle is sure to sooth and focus your mind, making it a great candle to light in times of concentration, study, or work.

The soft and unobtrusive smell of this gentle candle will slowly blossom and fill the whole room, lending a lovely sweet and citrusy scent that will permeate and uplift!


Candle Size: 270g

Top: Citrus, Bergamot

Middle: Bergamot, Lemograss, Sage

Base: Lemograss
Packaging: White Cylindrical Translucent Candle Jar with lid. "Lavender and Rose" lettering on one side of the jar. Packaged in an elegant Gift Box 


Be sure to read our candle care safety before use.

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