Trio Exquisite Miniature Candle

Trio Exquisite Miniature Candle

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Trio Exquisite Miniature Candle, A lovely Gift For Romantic Moments of Soulmates

Revitalize & boost your love and loyalty for each other and spend some romantic
moments together with the intoxicating and irresistible fragrance alluring two
lovers to lose in the deep in love and passion for each other. Our heavenly like
scented candles have been packed in lavish boxes make a strong appeal to the sense and invite the two lovers to feel passionate for each other. The appealing sweet aroma seduces the senses and comforts the deeply depressed and tired minds & souls that bring two closer to each other. These candles come in luxurious gift boxes are the best gift for your lady love, honeymoon, and wedding anniversary or to share some intimate moments.

1x Temptation – Sugar & Spice 60g Scented Candle

The enticing aroma of this particular home fragrance selection seduces the senses and leaves them helplessly begging for more, making it a fine choice for life’s most romantically involved moments. Our exclusive candle scent tempts and teases, thus giving it the ability to set the tone for romance or relaxation anytime of the year. Top notes of rosemary and orange zest invigorate and enliven the spirit to get you going, while middle notes of cinnamon spice and pine needle create a cozy atmosphere that calms and comforts a restless soul. To finish things up with a tempting twist, the beguilingly beautiful scent is finished with creamy vanilla, cool coconut and a dose of crisp cedar wood. All in all, the aromatic deliverance of the sultry scent is energizing, gratifyingly sweet and utterly delicious. Can you be tempted? Enjoy this charming fine fragrance day or night when in the mood to seduce or in need of a quick confidence boost.

1x Passion – Anjou Pear 60g Scented Candle

Lusciously sweet and seriously succulent, this sensational home fragrance puts you in the mood for nights filled with an outpouring of fervent passion and unforgettable rendezvous. Bergamot serves as a zesty top note, therefore delivering a quenching appeal that invigoratingly stimulates the senses to powerfully inspire vitality, desire and the longing for passionate admiration. To curb the notably hint of citrus, the crispness of freshly-picked orchard apples has been blended into our amorous scent. This heavenly match is then amplified by the addition of soft jasmine and lily flower, giving it a floral finish that emanates an undeniably romantic essence. A soothing touch of precious woods rounds out the fragrant mingling, leaving behind a sultry lingering that will make your mouth water. Alluringly adept and perfect for special occasions such as birthdays, honeymoons and anniversaries, this fruity fragrance is best enjoyed when ready to arouse or reignite the spark between two lovers.

1x Loyalty – Neroli & Shea Blossom 60g Scented Candle

Respect, honor and loyalty are sentiments that have together played an intricate part of all successful partnerships and relationships throughout time and history. Inspired by the endearing fidelity, true devotion and everlasting commitment demonstrated between soulmates, this meticulously designed home fragrance is quite an intoxicating treat for the senses and the soul. The sophisticated scent is defined as a unique aromatic combination of the tropics and lush flower fields delicately kissed by the sun. Top notes of amber and neroli are merged together with a tangy trace of lime, rendering an uplifting effect that demands your attention day or night. Blended in for balance, cedar delivers a bracing boast of crispness that calms, comforts and soothes away stress. Nevertheless, it’s the hint of jasmine and the touch of orange blossom that feminize the otherwise masculine fragrance. Snappy and sweet, this palatable candle scent is best enjoyed season after season at home or at the office.

Packaging: Black Luxurious Gift Boxes.

Be sure to read our candle care safety before use.


100% Soy Wax and Certified Safe & Natural Fragrances