Jasmine & Lily Candle

Jasmine & Lily Candle

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To add a brightness to your mornings or evenings, don’t hesitate to light this lovely floral candle! With notes of green lilac, and white floral, this delicate scent is appropriate for everyday use, as well as special occasions.

With the fresh and fragrant hints of lily of the valley, jasmine, and sweet freesia blossom, it’s no wonder that this scent combination can add depth and glow to any room.

The base notes are a special combination of floral scents that is sure to delight!


Candle Size: 270g

Top: Lilac, Floral

Middle: Jasmine, Lily, Freesia

Base: Floral

Packaging: White Cylindrical Translucent Candle Jar with lid. "Lavender and Rose" lettering on one side of the jar. Packaged in an elegant white Gift / Presentation box.

Be sure to read our candle care safety before use.